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A comprehensive guide to frequently asked questions about our products.
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The authoritative knowledge source about our products, including but not limited to user manuals, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more.
Documentation and User Manuals
Download product guides and user manuals. Learn how to get your Bambu Lab printer working to its full potential.
After-sales policy
The Bambu Lab Warranty
All Bambu Lab printers come with a hassle-free warranty. This includes the repair or replacement and ongoing support of your printer. We want to ensure a great service experience for our customers. For this purpose, we have prepared a warranty statement to inform you of our procedures and how we intend to handle warranty requests.
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Technical Support
Our technical support team is here to help you resolve any issues with our products, including printers, accessories, filaments, or software. Please let us know what's going on, and we will help you find the best solution here.
Official Community Forum
Share your Bambu Lab experience, prints, ideas and connect with other 3D printing enthusiasts. Join the Official Bambu Lab Community Forum.
Support for business customers
If you are a business/professional customer, please use the details below for dedicated business/professional support.
Corporate Sales
Submit a B2B Purchase Order or apply for a Tax-Exempt online business account.
Business Customer Portal
Our knowledgeable technical support team is committed to providing exceptional service and helping to ensure seamless operations and maximum efficiency. Please contact your sales representative for an immediate solution.