UK PSTI Statement of Compliance

We, Shenzhen Tuozhu Technology Co., Ltd., hereby declare under our sole responsibility that our devices comply with 2023 No. 1007 CONSUMER PROTECTION The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (Security Requirements for Relevant Connectable Products) Regulations 2023, Schedule 2 Conditions for Deemed Compliance with Security Requirements.

  1. The password is unique per device or defined by the user of the device, and the password which is unique per device is generated by using a security mechanism that reduces the risk of automated attacks against a class or type of device.
  2. Users can report vulnerabilities to Bambu Lab via Furthermore, users will receive acknowledgment of the receipt of a security issues report and status updates until the resolution of the reported security issues.
  3. Bambu Lab will provide security updates for this product during a support period of 7 years at least. Up-to-date information concerning the defined support periods for the entire Bambu Lab product range,please visit

This page provides the Statement of Conformity (SoC) for all products for sale on the UK market, you can find SoC for your applicable products below:

UK PSTI Statement of Compliance_A1 mini

UK PSTI Statement of Compliance_A1

UK PSTI Statement of Compliance_P1P

UK PSTI Statement of Compliance_P1S

UK PSTI Statement of Compliance_X1-Carbon

UK PSTI Statement of Compliance_X1E

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